Because she had just sang Jessica’s part during ‘Complete’, Seohyun couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. Yoona came in to comfort the maknae. You can see by the gentle way she touches Seohyun’s shoulder and arm, she is just as sad as the younger member of the group.

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I want to love however I want
I won’t change no matter what anyone says

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happy 25th birthday hyoyeon!

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chen // nylon korea

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softly touching lips, a kiss that sweetly melts like cotton candy. i’ll close my eyes for you, so i can only hear you 

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Please help my friend fundraise for charity!

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All the other Girls’ Generation songs were more, I think, cutesy and more energetic….Whereas the music we put together has so much more layers, so much more depth to it in terms of sound, choruses or harmonizing together.” [x]
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Sungjong for Nylon’s 6th Anniversary~ 

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"Share a secret about the members."

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original manip pictures are not mine, credits to the owner.

if anyone knows the owner please let me know.

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